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This is an exciting and awesome time the LORD is moving us into. Be in prayer with us for our first missions trip we hope to proceed with in 2012! 

Welcome to our website.

We hope you will search through here for just what you need from the Lord today. We think you will see if Jesus Christ did it, said it, participated in it... we support it! We believe in the Great Commission of Matthew 10. We believe the Word of God is divine and infallible. We believe in the Cross of Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe in Father God and Jesus Christ, Immanuel being HIS only begotten Son. We firmly believe in every word of the song, "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus".
Please explore the subject works on this home page as well as the other pages of this website. It is in faith we believe you were led here today to receive something from the Word of God for your life. May the Word of God bring peace and joy unto your soul this hour.
Call out to your Savior today and insure your name is written in the Book of Life when the roll call is read.You need no man, woman, or child to help in your salvation. What you do need is a relationship with Christ and knowledge of what HE did for YOU at the Cross! He suffered a terrible death so WE... yes, you and I... could have eternal life should we choose HIM over the world. PRAISES to our heavenly Father for such an awesome plan of redemption from our sinful lives here on earth!
Please be sure to sign the guest book! We would love to see who dropped by and has been reading from our site. God bless and keep you all!

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Look around our website and if you have any comments, suggestions, requests or questions, please feel free to contact us. Simply click the "Contact us" link and choose which method works best for you.
Prayer warriors looking to get involved with a ministry on fire for the LORD... King of Peace Ministries has a place for you. Read through the materials listed here and on our blog (linked on our contact page) and make sure we are right for you after careful prayer. Let us hear from you and what gifts the LORD has blessed you with. We will be excited to see how the LORD can and will graft you into HIS ministry here with us. AMEN! 
We are currently interested in teaming with those having the Blood of Jesus teachings for publication on the website or for prayer warriors wanting to help in praying for the needs of people requesting prayers. We are contacted from Christians both mature and baby, around the world. This website reaches more countries and people than any expectation we had going into this branch of ministry.
The King of Peace Ministries does behold a Church Charter. However we are a husband/wife ministry team with no building. We work our ministry daily through phone calls, emails, evangelical duties, and on the street with people the Lord places in our path. We are understanding the scriptures as saying this is what Christ Jesus did during His ministry on earth. We speak, teach, pastor, and/or counsel when the season (in or out) arises. This ministry is our way of helping write names in the Lamb's Book of Life and see others enter into the Kingdom of the Living God.
Thanks for visiting!
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Be watchful for THE LIGHT, THE TRUTH
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